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Landing Page

Starting at $325

Landing pages offer a central hub that holds all of the basic information about your business and links to your other channels. Landing pages are just one screen-height (no scrolling).

One Pager

Starting at $550

One pagers offer basic information about your business and give plenty of scrollable space to break things down in detail. These types of sites are popular, especially for those with primarily mobile users.

Small Site

Starting at $720

Small websites are your average small business website. The home page guides visitors to other pages like Services and Products, About, and Contact. Small sites are usually composed of 3 to 5 webpages.

Large Site

Contact us for a quote

Going any bigger than a small website comes with tons of factors - so in order to give an accurate price on what we would charge for your project, we'll have to hear what you have in mind. Large websites may include more than 10 pages, e-commerce features, or other advanced functionality.

Shopify Store

Contact us for a quote

As a Shopify partner, it's incredible easy for us to get your web store where it needs to be before transferring ownership to you (for billing/inventory management).

However, since web stores can vary drastically, we need to hear your vision in order to give an accurate estimate.

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Don't forget about hosting!

Get one month free with annual hosting plans!


$16 Monthly
$176 Annually
$12 Monthly
$132 Annually
  • Website maintenance
  • Domain name registration (.com)
  • Green hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Project backups
  • No cloud backups
  • No offsite backups
  • No SEO
  • No analytics
  • No contributor logins
  • No discounted rate for additional site work
Best for: Websites that are seldomly updated or redirect to another domain; Bare-bones hosting (static websites, "parked" domains, etc.).


$32 Monthly
$352 Annually
$24 Monthly
$264 Annually
  • Website maintenance
  • Domain name registration (.com)
  • Green hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Project backups
  • Bi-monthly cloud backups
  • Bi-monthly offsite backups
  • Basic SEO
  • No analytics
  • No contributor logins
  • No discounted rate for additional site work
Best for: Websites that are updated semi-regularly (small business websites, personal websites, etc.).


$60 Monthly
$660 Annually
$45 Monthly
$495 Annually
  • Website maintenance
  • Domain name registration (.com)
  • Green hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Project backups
  • Monthly cloud backups
  • Bi-monthly offsite backups
  • Basic SEO
  • Analytics
  • One contributor login
  • No discounted rate for additional site work
Best for: Websites that are updated regularly or clients that require publishing access (blogs, medium-sized business websites, etc.).


$130 Monthly
$1320 Annually
$95 Monthly
$1045 Annually
  • Website maintenance
  • Domain name registration (.com)
  • Green hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Project backups
  • Weekly cloud backups
  • Monthly offsite backups
  • Advanced SEO
  • Analytics
  • Unlimited contributor logins
  • Discounted rate for additional site work
Best for: Websites that need website layout, pages, and other site features updated frequently (large blogs, large business websites, etc.).
Promotional pricing shown in bold. Prices reflect the cost of an average Wordpress site. Actual hosting prices may vary depending on website size, premium software opt-ins, and other factors. Hosting prices do not apply to Shopify web stores. As this is an external service, we have no control over their pricing models. You can view their latest pricing here.


I have questions

What is the difference between "Web Design", "Web Development", and "Web Hosting"?

We're so glad you asked! They sound similar, but are actually very different. Web design is the process of coming up with the visuals of the website, web development is the process of making the site functional (making calendars, contact forms, and other widgets "work"), and web hosting is the process of putting that website up on the Internet. In a basic sense - if your website were a car, the body and interior would be the web design, the engine and everything under the hood would be the web development, and the license, registration, and insurance would be the web hosting.

How long does it usually take to make a website?

This is a toughie, and widely depends on the website you are looking to have made. A single-page website could be done within a week, but a large website including over 10 pages could take over a month. Reach out with the details of your project, and we'd love to give you a quote!

Do you provide photography, video, or copywriting services?

Currently, we don't provide any of these services, but we can point you towards someone that can. We highly encourage potential clients to work with a photographer to take professional photos of their business - we are currently just focused on providing great graphic and web design services at this time.

How are your websites built & hosted?

To get technical, we primarily build websites using Wordpress and host them through Dreamhost. By using a combination of these services, we are able to keep costs low for clients, as well as allow them to update their own websites (if they choose to). Wordpress powers an estimated 40% of all websites on Earth - thanks to its flexibility and functionality.

For clients that are looking to have their own e-commerce site, we highly recommend Shopify.As a Shopify Partner, we are able to build your website in a private development environment before transferring ownership to you. Websites that are created in this way will be hosted by Shopify, so you won't get any hosting bills from us.

Am I locked in for a full year of web hosting?

We talk hosting terms with each client before signing any contracts, but in most cases - no, you are not locked in for a full year. With each hosting plan, we allow customers to choose between monthly and yearly billing. Yearly billing gets you one month of hosting for free, but monthly billing allows for more flexibility.

Can I change my hosting plan/package?

Yes! Deciding to upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan will take effect starting on the first day of your next billing cycle. So, if you are paying monthly, then you will see those changes starting with the next month. If you are paying yearly, you will see those changes starting with the next year. We only ask that you give us a 10 day notice of your decision before the next cycle, otherwise we may not be able to get all the changes made to your plan in time.

I have issues

I have issues with my website, please help!

If we host your website, and you found an issue somewhere, let us know as soon as possible and we'll be happy to help! Typos, color changes, and other quick fixes can get done as soon as we know about them, but other fixes could take longer. If we don't host your site, you can reach out to your current web host - and if interested, talk to them about transferring your domain to Golden Harp Media (we'd love to take care of you!).

I don't need my website anymore, what should I do?

If we are hosting your website, but you decide you don't need it anymore (shutting your doors, rebranding, or any other reason), please let us know as soon as possible. We require at least two months notice of your decision, otherwise you may be responsible for additional cancellation fees. If you would like to cancel your website hosting, reach out to us via email or phone.

I am ENTIRELY lost — none of this makes sense!

Never fear! We are here to answer any and all questions you might have about the web design & hosting process, even if all you know is, "I want a website." Shoot us an email or give us a call and we'd be happy to help!

Logo Design

Starting at $450

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your logo is no exception. Let others know exactly what your brand is about before they even have to ask.

Business Card Design

Starting at $220

Come to the card swap prepared. We'll get you a card design (one or two-sided) that makes an impression, as well as shares everything others may need to get ahold of you.

Virtual Business Card Design

Starting at $220

Forgot your business cards at home? Never fear. Through our online service dubbed Carjeta, we make virtual business cards that can easily be shared via QR code — allowing others to quickly add you to their phone's contacts.

Please note: Unless your website is hosted with us, a small hosting fee may also apply.

Other Promotional Material Design

Contact us for a quote

Got another visual project in mind that you don't see here? From posters and banners to coupons and T-shirt graphics, we got you covered.


Can you do digital illustrations?

We absolutely do digital illustrations, icon work, and other graphic design needs you might have in mind! Since these are so variable in terms of scope, please reach out to us with your ideas and we can get you a quote!

Do you provide print services?

At this time, we aren't able to provide printing services, such as business card printing, T-shirt printing, or printing of other promotional materials, but we will work with you and the printing professional you go with to make sure they have everything they need. No idea where to go for printing services? We'll point you in the right direction.

What do I need to provide? Do I need to have my colors picked out?

We can work with you no matter how much you already have figured out. If you have the colors you would like to use in your project - great! If not, we'll work with you to come up with some great options.

What files should I receive with my exports?

After we complete your new logo design, we will send a variety of file types, dimensions, and color variations. Dimensions will depend on the logo design, but file types sent will include PNG, SVG, and JPG. We also send versions of your logo in color, black, white, and versions broken down by full logo, wordmark (text part of your logo), and the logo mark (image part of the logo).

Do you provide design/source files with file exports?

We discuss terms at the beginning of every design project, but in most cases - no, we do not send design/source files with exports. Design/source files require special software to edit, but even for clients that have access to this software, we retain original design/source files for copyright protection purposes. Just like with a company's website, we don't send raw source code to clients. We are more than happy to make future exports and logo updates for you if need be, but we are unable to send the editable design files to protect both you, and us.

Why should I hire someone to design my logo?

It's the argument given by any do-it-yourself'er: "If I take the time to do it myself, I can save a lot of money." Which is true to some degree, but with a logo design (or any other professional service), you are paying for the knowledge, experience, AND time of that professional. Yes, it is possible to design your own logo, but will it give your brand the image it needs to gain recognition?

Social Media Setup

Starting at $180

Go where the customers are. We will set up your business' Facebook, Instagram, and Google accounts to get you on your way to connecting with potential customers! Social media setup includes creating the accounts, as well as getting profile pictures, banner images, profile links, and initial posts all set up.

Branding Guide Design

Starting at $220

Getting all your creative information in one place is a great way to ensure a cohesive brand across your channels. While creating a Branding Guide is usually provided as an add-on service for logo design and web design customers, if you have an existing brand, but it's all over the place, we can help narrow what exactly your brand image is.

Design Consultation

Contact us for a quote

Have a website, logo, or other design you'd like us to look at? With any kind of design consultation, we'll take a look at what you have, what's already working well, and give tips on what you can do to improve the design.

HTML & CSS Contracting

Contact us for a quote

We're happy to nerd out with you! Whether you need a custom-made webpage, a site recreated pixel-for-pixel, or have another custom code project - let's geek it up and see what we can come up with!


Do you provide Social Media Management Services?

At this time, we are unable to provide Social Media Management services, only the initial setups for the above (or similar) platforms. If Social Media Management is something you are looking for, we can definitely point you to someone that can help.

As part of the Social Media Setup - am I stuck with Facebook, Instagram, and Google accounts, or can I pick any three platforms?

You are not stuck with these three platforms - we just highly encourage customers to have these platforms in order to reach the most customers. Additional options include Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest. We can also set up more than three social media platforms for an additional fee.

What exactly is a branding guide?

A branding guide is just a fancy way of presenting the visual rules of your brand image in the form of a readable document. So instead of guessing what visual elements make you, you, or what color was used to make your logo - you can just refer to the branding guide to read that information.

Do I need a branding guide?

While a branding guide isn't something as important for a business to have as, say, a logo or a business name, it is something that can alleviate many business-related headaches. Say you are working with a contractor, and they need specific color values for fonts, ways they can properly use your logo, or typefaces that are used in your logo - instead of requiring them to come to you on various occasions for that information, you can simply provide them with the branding guide. Branding guides can also be helpful for interdepartmental communication, as some people on your team may not be as familiar with the design rules as others.

We'd love to hear from you!

If you're interested in our services or have additional questions - feel free to reach out! We're available by phone during regular business hours (402 603 2505), or by email anytime ( We're also on Facebook and Instagram!